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This site is a celebration of the written word and literary arts. Here, you’ll find ideas on reading and writing, links to compelling reads and resources for readers and writers alike. I hope you’ll share your own ideas and recommendations, too.


What you won’t find are book reviews, political diatribes or criticisms. As a reader and a writer, I understand that words resonate differently with each of us. Reading experiences are unique and our opinions in taste and quality probably differ. 


About Molly:


My parents tell me the first book I wrote was a nonfiction piece about snails in our neighborhood that took refuge in a tree to avoid being squashed by the villainous children riding their bikes on the sidewalk. I remember these snails with vivid clarity and also the tree, its pale bark riddled with knotted knuckles where the snails hid. 


I devoured every Nancy Drew and Babysitter’s Club book available at the library, but I also got excited when my dad’s National Geographics would arrive in the mail. The photographs were stunning, and I’d imagine myself in whichever exotic locale was featured.


At the University of Southern California, I studied business, then worked in accounting for many years while writing essays and short fiction as a hobby. On a whim, I applied to graduate school to learn how to become a better writer, and in January 2023, I received my MFA in Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte.


I am a native Californian living in North Carolina with my family. I love to read and write (obviously), hike, run, practice yoga, cook, wander, explore, travel and daydream.

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